2020 Summer Survey: Results

153 people responded to the survey.

Question 1:

“Tell us your most favorite things about Forest Hill.”

The variety of answers was indicative of how members use the club very differently. But whether you are predominately a Phillips pool user, a big fan of tennis or a family with small children only using the baby pool there was a common theme: the grounds. Most members appreciate the beautiful space and the grounds that Forest Hill has for everyone to enjoy.

Question 2:

“How would you rate the club on appearance?”

The average rating was 8.0.
2 people rated it 2/10
8 people rated it 5/10
6 people rated it 6/10
22 people rated it 7/10
48 people rated it 8/10
32 people rated it 9/10
30 people rated it 10/10

Question 3:

“How do you think funds should be spent to improve your experience at Forest Hill?”

The overwhelming most common answer with 55 responses stated something about improving the clubhouse/bathrooms.
The second most common response was improving/repairing/adding more tables, chairs, umbrellas and awnings for shade.
The third most common response was improving the parking lot.

Question 4:

“Do you think the reservation system should continue for the Phillips Pool next season?”
Yes: 45.1%
No: 31.4%

Respond with commends-23.5%  Of the 36 responses in this section, 21 wanted the reservation system to continue but had ideas of how this should  be implemented. These suggestions included: extended times, fewer lanes with reservations and special accommodations for Seniors. The board will take all these comments (and the status of the pandemic) into consideration when implementing the reservation system for next summer.

Question 5:

“What did you miss most the summer that wasn’t offered due to COVID-19?”

Snack bar: 34.6%
Chairs: 25.5%
Swim/Dive team: 23.5%
Social Events: 6.5%
Other: 9.8%

Question 6:

“How likely are you to join Forest Hill again next year?”
Most definitely = 71.9% Yay!