Dive Clinics

Event Details

This event finished on 14 August 2020

Dive Clinics will be offered for 5 weeks this summer in place of the CMDL season that was cancelled. Due to the limited numbers, we ask that you limit registration for each child to TWO weeks only at this time so that all children that want a chance to participate are able to. If space is available, we will allow for additional registration.

Clinics will be offered the following weeks:

  • July 6-10
  • July 13-17
  • July 20-24
  • July 27-31
  • August 10-14

Two sessions for each age group will be offered for each week:

  • 10 and Under, 8:45 and 9:30
  • 11 and Over, 8:00 and 10:15

To register, please visit the Dive Clinic page.

Please note all children must have passed the swim test prior to joining the dive clinics. Excess registrations will be cancelled and will incur processing fees. Registration will close midnight on the Saturday preceding the start of clinic, or once capacity is reached.

All clinics will be $50.

All cancellations are subject to a 5% processing fee. If cancellations happen after the registration deadline, a refund may not be given except in cases of illness.