Futures Camp; Challengers (Level 1 or 2) (Week of 7/22/24) 11:00am-12:30pm

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  • Venue: Tennis Courts
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Futures & Challengers is for ages 7 and up.

Futures (Level 1):

This camp is for beginners through intermediate players who are not ready for match play.  Players are taught the fundamentals of basic tennis strokes such as; Forehands, Backhands, Vollies, Overheads, and Serves.  Players particpate in games and drills that help develop strokes.  Players are taught the basic rule of the game.  Based on the the players ability, lower compression organge and green balls are used.

Each week, campers will work on improving their skills and learning the rules of the game. Groups will be broken down based on ability.

Challengers (Level 2):

Camp is for players who can serve and rally and can keep score.  This camp will include match play as appropriate.  In this camp a player has the basic understanding of strokes.  The teachers will work to improve strokes and introduce new shots such and slice.  Players are taught the rules and ediqite of the game.  Players progress from low compression green balls to yellow balls.

There is no need to select which camp and player is enrolled in.  This will be determined by the camp staff.  At the end of each week on Thursaday and Friday, players will be broken into teams for a weekly team competion.

Rackets can be provided by loan or for purchase.  Contact Chip at chip@foresthilltennis.com for more information.

Please select below what camp you would like to enroll.  You may enroll in multiple sessions.  Each child must be enrolled indiviually.