This pickleball camp is for all ages and FH members and non-members Kids will learn the basic skills of the game under direct supervision of our pickleballl coordinator and staff. The rules are simple and the game is easy for beginners to learn. With some instruction and age appropriate lessons on technique, kids can be […]

No need to sign up. This event is for all skill levels. Arrive at 6:00pm to the lower tennis courts with or without a partner and jump right in. This event is designed to be social and teams are continually rotated in a casual round robin style. For absolute beginners, there is usually one court […]

Tennis workout for women players at the level of 3.0-3.5.  Stroke improvement drills and playing strategy will be the focus.  Cost is $20.  Non-members will pay an additional $10 guest fee. Attendance is DROP-IN. No need to enroll.