Mens Drop in Doubles on the Hard Tru; Courts 9 and 10 between the times on 9:00-11 am **Please Note, Har Tur Courts might not be open in the beginning of May.  Doubles will move to the hard courts** **Har Tru Courts typically will close down in November** ** September/October Har Tru Courts could be […]

Womens Drop in Doubles on the Hard Courts; 3-4 Ladies Please use the following google doc to register: ** Please note, mens interclub plays on Saturdays, 5/57, 6/3, 6/27.  Courts will be limited on these days ** September/October Hard Courts could be limited due to USTA Tournaments.  Check with Chip**

Come gamble the night away at Forest Hill Casino Night! Test your skill at Black Jack, Roulette, Craps and Poker. Everyone starts with a bankroll of $1500 (funny money of course) to try their luck. Prizes will be awarded to the three highest winners of the night. Casino Night will run rain or shine in […]