Pickleball – Memorial Day K and Q Tournament

Event Details

Join Chip Boling, Director of Racketsports, and the rest of the FH Pickleball players for a few fun events on Memorial Day.  From 9-11am and 11-1pm we are having two fun 7 competitive rounds of “King & Queen of the Court”.  Who is going to be this year’s memorial day King & Queen.

Everyone registers for this event (24 spots available for 9-11am) and 24 spots available for 11-1pm) as an individual.

  • 9-11am is K&Q for individuals with a 3.5 rating and below (Intermediate and below)
  • 11am-1pm is for individuals with a greater than 3.5 rating.

Play with a new partner each game.  Games run 12 min with a 2-3 min break in between.  Court 1 is the highest rated players and court 6 the lowest for that group of 24 people.  If you win on court 2, you move up to court 1 and split, if you lose on court 2 you move to court 3 and split.  At the end of the two hrs who is remaining on Court 1 for the last game to see who is King & Queen.

Any questions please email Chip!!