Pickleball Pros Clinic 9am-12noon

Event Details

Forest Hill is happy to host the following event by Pickleball Pros

**This event is open to members and non-members

If you have any questions please contact our pickleball Pro Brian Lloyd at :

pickleball@fhstc.com or text 443-462-0179


3 Hour Clinic by Pickleball Pros

Run by : The Wendy SlaughterTeam and Rocky Brown 410-730-2200

Advanced Beginner(3.0)          9am-12:00 noon

Intermediate(3.5)                       2pm-5pm

Register now at: catherineparenteau.com


This clinic is for Beginner/Advanced Beginner, Inermediate

We will cover court positions and strategy, serving technique, return of serve, non volley zone footwork, and dinking.