2022 Fall League Information

Spring league play starts September 12th and runs for 8 weeks to October 31st.

League sessions are M, T & W nights from 5:30 until 10pm.   Each week you and partner will play four 15 minute games with one break to recharge.


We’re offering nine divisions across the three nights to accommodate all skill levels:

   5:30-7:00p Newbie Beginner (1.0-2.0) 
   7:00-8:30p Inter/Adv (3-3.5)
   8:30-10:00p Advance (4.0+) 
   5:30-7:00p Beginner/Inter (2.5-3.0) 
   7:00-8:30p Beginner/Inter (2.5-3.0) 
   8:30-10:00p Beginner/Inter (2.5-3.0) 
   5:30-7:00p Beginner (2.0-2.5) 
   7:00-8:30p Intermediate (3.0) 
   8:30-10:00p Inter/Advance (3-3.5)

All games are played on the Forest Hill lower courts, balls and nets are provided.  All you need is your paddle and partner.


     Members: $70 

           Registration for members of Forest Hill opens tomorrow August 8th Monday at 9:00AM

     Non-Members: $100

           Registration for Non Members Non Members opens Thursday, August 11th at 9:00AM

Register Here



Registration Instructions:

1. In order to join the league you need to click the link above and “Register as a New User”. When you Register as a new user –select your skill level according to the divisions below; if you
want to play in Beginner/Int that is visible for skill levels 2.5 or 3.0; if you want Newbie Beginner, you select skill level 1.0 or 2.0; if you want Int / Adv it is 3.0 or 3.5 level)

2. If you are a Forest Hill member select the box, if a non-member please leave the box unselected

3. Save Your Password– PLEASE DO NOT FORGET YOUR PASSWORD. To help you remember your password, please select the “Remember Me” option, allow your browser to save your
password and write it down. If you forget your password unfortunately, we do not have the capabilities of recovering it at this point in time.

4. Click “register” on the left side bar (the 2nd icon on mobile view) & select the division you would like to register for. (Only the divisions available to your skill level will appear)

*if your partner registered before you, you can click “join” on the homepage of your account to join their team. If you are registering first, make sure you enter your partners email correctly and confirm with them the email you used as this drives their payment and link as your partner.

5. Again, once you are logged in you can either 1) accept the invitation on your home page from your partner if they’ve registered before you, or 2) click ‘Register’ and register for the appropriate
season. Only the seasons applicable to your skill level, gender, and age will appear (per above).

6. Partner information is required in order to register: 1) Partner Email 2) Partner Cell Number and 3) Your Team Name.