Forest Hill offers junior tennis programs for all ages and abilities:



This camp is focused for our Little Stars Camp ages 4-6 years old.

Enrollment is for the entire week, M-F.

Camp consists of age appropriate equipment to begin the basics of tennis with fun drills and games.

In this camp player are assigne to courts based on ability.  Primarly players will use either lowe compression red  or orange balls.  Players will learn basic tennis strokes: forehand, backhand, volley.  This camp consist of not only learning the game of tennis but consist of games that work on a child motor skills such and catching and throwing.  Pleayers will be engaed in on court games and basic conditoning.

Price:  $70 member rate per session  $105 meber rate per session

Register at calendar links below for each week and player:

***Please note:  There is no camp on 7/4***


Futures (Level 1):

This camp is for beginners through intermediate players who are not ready for match play.  Players are taught the fundamentals of basic tennis strokes such as; Forehands, Backhands, Vollies, Overheads, and Serves.  Players particpate in games and drills that help develop strokes.  Players are taught the basic rule of the game.  Based on the the players ability, lower compression organge and green balls are used.

Each week, campers will work on improving their skills and learning the rules of the game. Groups will be broken down based on ability.

Challengers (Level 2):

Camp is for players who can serve and rally and can keep score.  This camp will include match play as appropriate.  In this camp a player has the basic understanding of strokes.  The teachers will work to improve strokes and introduce new shots such and slice.  Players are taught the rules and ediqite of the game.  Players progress from low compression green balls to yellow balls.

There is no need to select which camp and player is enrolled in.  This will be determined by the camp staff.  At the end of each week on Thursaday and Friday, players will be broken into teams for a weekly team competion.

We have 2 different camps and time frames.

For the 1 1/2 hour camp, Price:  $125 member rate per session; $185 non member per session

Register at calendar links below for each week and player:

***Please note:  There is no camp on 7/4***

For the 1 hour camp, Price:  $85 member rate per session; $115 non member per session

Register at calendar links below for each week and player:

***Please note:  There is no camp on 7/4***


Junior Academy is for middle schoolers preparing to try out for their high school team and for high schoolers looking to move up the ladder on their team.  Players should understand how to play the game if enrolled in this camp.  If a player is a beginner player they need to register for our Level 1 or 2 camps,

Sessions are devoted to conditioning, advanced strategies, footwork, match play in singles and doubles.  Advaned drills are used to further develop a players stroke and play on the court.

All players not known to staff must be approved for participation.  Please contact Chip for an evaluation.

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 8:30 am – 10:30 am. On Wednesdays, everyone enrolled in the camp will receive a 1/2 hour private lesson as part of the camp.

Price $135 member rate per session, $200 non member rate per session

***Please note:  There is no camp on 7/4***


The Fall Junior Tennis Clinics are a 5-week program, on Friday’s between September 6, 2024 until October 4, 2024.  We have 3 programs that will be offered.  See Summer Clinic descriptions for each.

Little Stars (4:30-5:15) – $100-member; $200- non member

Futures/Challengers (5:30-6:30) -$150-member; $300 -non member

Junior Academy (4:30-6:00)  -$200-member;$400-non member

Click on the links above to register for full 5 week program. .  If you register for 1 time it will be for the full 5 weeks.  You do not need to register 5 times.  Payment can be made directly to Chip Boling on the first day of clinic by cash, check or Venmo (@CharlesBolingTennis)



Forest Hill runs USTA Junior Tennis Tournaments.  You must be a USTA member to participate in each.  Below are this years events at Forest Hill

4/20-21: L5 BG16 Junior Championship




  • Registration is for full duration of the clinic. Daily enrollment or prorated rates are unavailable
  • Make-up days are not guaranteed and must be pre-approved in advance by Chip Boling
  • Registration will close on the Sunday before the camp start date at 9:00pm
  • We are unable to accept walk-ups
  • All cancellations are subject to a $5 processing fee
  • No refunds after cancellation date
  • All campers must bring their own racket and a water bottle.
  • Registration links may also be found on the appropriate camp date in the calendar.