Below is the enrollment information for doubles and singles play enrollments and weekly pairings.

Monday Night Doubles

Loretta Hutzell, Patrice Holtz, Ella O’Colman, Rachel Drohat, Suzanne McQueeney

Wednesday Morning Doubles

Meredith Parks, Gina Krakovsky, Michelle Jordan, Kathy Baruch, Helene Thoreson, Loretta Hutzell, Kimberly Middleton, Margie Sybert, Amy Cooper, Natalie Kisak, Traci Spiegel, Ella O’Colman, Susan Watts, Angie Gardner, Alicia Mabry, Cindy Jamieson, Anna Bright, Amy Sachs, Sherry Houff, Michelle Jordan, Gerrie Bost, Stephanie Jurkovic, Stacey Lyons, Amy Lamont, Lisa Brousseau, Amy Cooper, Lee Williams,Gwen Everette

Available players for 6/26 – Alicia Mabry, Anne Conklin, Meredith Parks, Margie Sybert, Gerrie Bost, Helene Thoreson, Lisa Brousseau, Stacey Lyons, Cindy Jamieson, Kathy Baruch, Kelly Bendel

Matches for 6/26 – Stacey Lyons/Kelly Bendel vs Kathy Baruch/Lisa Brousseau; Margie Sybert/Anne Conklin vs Alicia Maybe/Cindy Jamieson; Meredith Parks/staff vs Gerrie Bost/Helene Thoreson

Wednesday Night Singles

Meredith Parks, Gina Krakovsky, Amy Cooper, Tammy Turner, Andra Wills, Michelle Jordan

Available players for 6/26 –

No match for 6/26

Thursday Morning Singles

Amy Cooper, Meredith Parks, Elisa Oaksmith, Amy Lamont

 Available for Thursday morning singles – 6/27

Thursday Night Doubles

Meredith Parks, Michelle Jordan, Darick DeHart, Margie Sybert, Natalie Kisak, Traci Spiegel, Cynthia Horner, Sherry Houff, Ella O’Colman, Tammy Turner, Patti Demme, Stacey Lyons, Jamie Lyons

Available players for 6/27 –

Friday Morning Doubles

Alicia Mabry, Angie Gardner, Amy Cooper, Amy Lamont, Lisa Brousseau, Stacey Lyons, Elisa Oaksmith, Paula Shane, Patrice Holtz, Chris Dotson, Gina Krakovsky, Helene Thoreson, Loretta Hutzell, Margie Sybert, Traci Spiegel, Natalie Kisak, Cynthia Horner, Ella O’Colman, Meredith Parks, Susan Watts, Cindy Jamieson, Anna Bright, Patti Demme, Amy Sachs, Sherry Houff, Michelle Jordan, Gerrie Bost, Stephanie Jurkovic, Jackie Crispell, Kelly Bendel, Amy Lovas, Christine Lee, Kelley Israel, Brenda Crowe, Gwen Everett, Catherine Boarman, Kim Kinnear

Available players for 6/28 – Stacey Lyons, Gwen Everett, Traci Spiegel, Ellen Virden, Kim Kinnear, Kelly Bendel, Anna Bright, Amy Cooper, Amy Sachs, Margie Sybert, Catherine Boarman

Matches for June 28 – Ellen Virden/Kim Kinnear vs Traci Spiegel, Kelly Bendel