Registration Instructions:

General Registration does not open until 9/26. Members should not share this information with non-members. Any non-member who registers without a member will be de-registered until general registration opens.

We will be using League Lobster for registration, scheduling, and tracking standings. You will register as a team through League Lobster and the fee will be $0. After registering, the League Director will provide you a link to pay once your membership status is verified (as applicable). Your team is not fully registered until that payment is made.

  1. Both team members visit and create an account.
  2. A single player from your team will visit (Both players do not register your team, only a single person will register for the whole team)
  3. The single person from the team selects the division your wish to register for and completes registration. Ensure the information you enter for registration is accurate or your partner will not be able to be linked to your team. The total price will be $0 and hit the “Pay Offline” link on the confirmation page at checkout. You will receive registration confirmation in your email.
  4. Do nothing but wait for an email from the League Director with the follow-on registration link for Forest Hill’s website. The timeliness is dependent on their availability but it should be within 48 hours. Your spot is registered at this point so you will not lose it while you are waiting. 
  5. A single player should follow the instructions and finish registration through Forest Hill and pay for your team’s registration. Select the appropriate price that matches your team composition (2 members, 1 member/1 non-member, 2 non-members). This is registration and payment for your whole team and it is the responsibility of the players to pay each other back. If you won last season and have a coupon, contact the League Director before paying.
  6. You’re all registered! The League Director will manually add the second player to the proper team in League Lobster. All payments will be verified with membership status to ensure the proper amount was paid.

Both team members must create a League Lobster account but only 1 team member will register for the team. The other player will be manually added after payment is confirmed.

There is currently an issue with the registration page now showing all division so go directly to the division using the links:

Monday 5:30pm Beginner:

Monday 7pm Intermediate:

Monday 8:30pm Advanced Beginner:

Tuesday 6pm Advanced Beginner:

Tuesday 7:45pm Advanced Beginner:

Wednesday 6pm Intermediate:

Wednesday 7:45pm Advanced Intermediate:

General Registration link:

Waitlist: If the league you want to play in is full, email and request to be added to the waitlist.